We currently offer the following programs:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Submission Grappling

Kids Jiu Jitsu / MMA

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art that relies on controlling your opponent through positional advantages on the ground in order to submit them using joint manipulation or choke.

Controlling your opponent is generally easier on the ground than in a standing position, so much of the technique of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is centered round the skill of taking an opponent down to the ground and wrestling for dominant control. Overcoming an opponent of greater size, strength, and aggression with lesser size and strength is the unique aspect of the sport. This is done by utilizing superior leverage, grip, and position to defeat your opponent.

At the Renzo Gracie Academy Latham, students will gain a deep understanding of the workings and limits of the human body, while getting a great workout in the process!



BJJ Class Descriptions

Belt Level Requirement: All Belts

The All-Levels class is a mixed belt level class which we encourage the attendance of so that you may work with a number of your training partners that are at different levels.

These classes are great for new students and seasoned students alike, as you will get to learn from one another in this diversified skill setting.

Belt Level Requirement: All Belts, No Experience Necessary

Fundamentals class is exactly as it sounds. This is where it all begins. In order to be successful in your Jiu Jitsu journey, you will need to first learn and conquer the fundamentals.

No matter how technical your game becomes down the road, the fundamentals will be the very foundation where upon all other skills you learn are built.

Belt Level Requirement: White Belt; 3 Stripes & Up

Intermediate classes are where you begin to branch out from fundamental technique and begin to get more technical with your positions, defenses, and attacks.

Once you are a white belt with 3 stripes, you may attend Intermediate classes. All other belt levels are encouraged to attend Intermediate classes as well

Belt Level Requirement: White Belt; 3 Stripes & Up

Submission Grappling class focuses on the development of submission attacks. The main purpose of this class is to hone your offensive skills by not just learning submissions but how to properly execute them with proper technique to ensure that when you make an offensive move, you are doing so with the upmost percision.

Belt Level Requirement: White Belt; 1 Stripe & Up

Randori is an open-mat environment which allows you to live spar and excercise the muscle of knowledge that you have gained up to your current abilities. Like the All-Levels class, it is another opportunity to learn from higher belts and for higher belts to further sharpen their skills by putting theory into practice and practice into action.

We encourage white belts with at least 1 stripe to begin participating in Randori. This will get you comfortable with sparring and allow you to build comradarie with your training partners.

Belt Level Requirement: White Belt; 1 Stripe & Up

Competition class is geared towards preparing you for competing in events. We encourage everyone to compete. With this class, you will be able to work on position control, escapes, attacks, and developing game plans for opponents in a contest setting.

The pace of Competition Class is faster a little more aggressive. This increased pace is necessary for improving your reaction times and getting your stamina ready for the intensity and endurance that a competition setting requires.

If you are interested in competing, Click Here for upcoming BJJ/Grappling competition events.

Kids Classes
Ages 5-14

We offer the following Kids Classes broken down by age groups:

Little Champs 1 MMA - Gi or No-GI and Kickboxing (Ages 4-7)

Little Champs 2 MMA - Gi or No Gi and Kick Boxing (Ages 8-14)

Our Kids Program offers both gi and no-gi classes and Kickboxing. Our instructors teach BJJ techniques and self-defense in a fun, high-energy, team building environment with an emphasis on physical fitness and discipline.

The aim is to promote confidence and awareness in our children, while helping them develop their motor skills, balance, and coordination.